14 precautions for safe operation of car electrician

2020-01-06 01:12:07

Workshop repair site safety

始终使工作场地保持干净,保护自己和其他人免受伤害。 Always keep the workplace clean and protect yourself and others from harm.

不要把工具或零件留在自己或者其他人有可能踩到的地方。 Do not leave tools or parts where they or others can step on them. Place it on a workbench or bench and develop good habits.

立即清理干净任何飞溅的燃油、机油或者润滑脂,防止自己或者他人滑倒。 Clear any splashed fuel, oil or grease immediately to prevent yourself or others from slipping.

不要在开关、配电盘或电动机等附近使用可燃物 ,因为它们容易产生火花,并造成火灾。 Do not use combustible materials near switches, switchboards or motors , as they are prone to sparks and cause fire.

Precautions to follow when working with tools

  Improper use of electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment can cause serious injury.

  Wear goggles before using debris-producing tools. After using tools such as sanders and drills, remove dust and debris from them.

  Do not wear gloves when operating rotating tools or working in an area with rotating motion. Gloves may be caught by rotating objects and hurt your hands.

  When the vehicle is lifted with a lift, it is initially lifted until the tires are slightly off the ground. 确认车辆牢固地支撑在升降机上 Then, make sure that the vehicle is firmly supported on the elevator before fully raising it . After lifting, never try to shake the vehicle, as this may cause the vehicle to fall and cause serious injury.

Fire prevention

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workshop, especially at the repair site.

在易燃品附近遵照如下预防措施: To prevent fires and accidents, observe the following precautions near flammable materials:

吸满汽油或机油的碎布有时有可能自燃,所以它们应当被放置到带盖的金属容器内。 Rags filled with gasoline or oil may sometimes ignite spontaneously, so they should be placed in a metal container with a lid.

在机油存储地或可燃的零件清洗剂附近,不要使用明火。 Do not use open flames near oil storage locations or near combustible parts cleaners.

千万不要在处于充电状态的电池附近使用明火或产生火花,因为它们会产生可以点燃的爆炸性气体,仅在必要时才将燃油或清洗溶剂携带到车间,携带时还要使用能够密封的特制容器。 Do not use open flames or sparks near charged batteries, because they can generate explosive gases that can be ignited. Only carry fuel or cleaning solvents to the workshop when necessary, and use special sealable products when carrying container.

不要将可燃性废机油和汽油丢弃到阴沟里,因为它们可能导致污水管系统产生火灾。 Do not discard flammable waste engine oil and gasoline into the gutter, as they may cause a fire in the sewer system. Always pour these materials into a drain tank or suitable container.

Electrical equipment safety measures

  Improper use of electrical equipment can cause short circuits and fires. Therefore, learn to use electrical equipment correctly.

  Keep away from broken or swaying wires.

  To prevent electric shock, never touch any electrical equipment with wet hands.

  Never touch the switch labeled "Failure."

Equipment operation warning

确保举升机有足够的负重能力。 Ensure that the lifting machine has sufficient load capacity. Ensure that the lift is level during lifting and support work, and use hand brakes and wedges to secure the wheels.

不要在只靠一个千斤顶支撑的车顶或底部工作。 Do not work on the roof or bottom supported by only one jack. The car must be supported on a lift. If welding near the fuel tank, drain the fuel in it before welding.

Battery disconnection warning

  Before servicing any electrical components, the ignition and start switches must be in the OFF or LOCK position, and all electrical loads must be turned off unless otherwise stated in the operating procedures. Disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent tools or equipment from touching the exposed electrical terminals and causing electric sparks. Violations of these safety instructions may result in personal injury and / or damage to the vehicle or vehicle components.

  为了避免给电子元件带来损害,运行电子系统时要先断开蓄电池连接。 Note: To avoid damage to the electronic components, disconnect the battery before operating the electronic system. Disconnect the ground wire first and connect it to the ground last. Make sure that the battery leads are connected properly and that there is no potential hazard.

Warning for airbag system and seatbelt retractor pretensioner

Pay attention to the following points when handling the unexpanded airbag system and seatbelt retractor pretensioner:

不要通过安全带或引线连接器来拿取安全带卷收器预紧器。 Do not take the seat belt retractor pretensioner through the seat belt or lead connector.

应通过壳体拿取安全带卷收器预紧器,手和手指要远离安全带。 Take the seat belt retractor pretensioner through the shell, keep your hands and fingers away from the seat belt.

确保安全带开始拉伸处的开口朝下,且安全带自然悬挂,否则可能导致人身伤害。 ◆ Make sure that the opening where the seat belt begins to stretch is facing down, and the seat belt hangs naturally, otherwise it may cause personal injury.

在使用喷灯或焊接设备时,不得靠近充气装置,以防引起安全气囊自动充气。 When using torches or welding equipment, do not approach the inflation device to prevent the airbag from inflating automatically.

在检修时不要让方向盘衬垫、碰撞传感器、座位安全带卷收器预紧器或前排乘员安全气囊总成直接暴露在热空气中或接近火源,充气组件不能承受65℃以上的温度。 Do not allow the steering wheel pad, collision sensor, seat belt retractor pretensioner or front passenger airbag assembly to be directly exposed to hot air or close to the source of fire during maintenance. The inflatable components cannot withstand more than 65 ℃ temperature.

在拆检或更换安全气囊时, 切勿将身体正面朝向气囊总成。 When disassembling or replacing the airbag, do not face your body toward the airbag assembly.

Caution on the effects of brake fluid on paint and electrical components

Avoid splashing brake fluid on painted surfaces, electrical connectors, wiring harnesses, or cables. Brake fluid can damage painted surfaces and cause corrosion of electrical components. If the brake fluid comes in contact with the painted surface, immediately flush the contact area with water. If the brake fluid comes into contact with electrical connectors, wiring harnesses, or cables, wipe the brake fluid with a clean cloth.

Caution for oxygen sensors

Do not remove the lead of the heated oxygen sensor or oxygen sensor. Removing the lead or connector will affect the operation of the sensor.

Do not drop the heated oxygen sensor. Keep in-line electrical connectors and grille heat sinks free of grease or other contaminants. Do not use any type of cleaner. Do not repair wiring harnesses, connectors, or terminals. If the lead, connector or terminal is damaged, replace the oxygen sensor.

When servicing heated oxygen sensors, the following principles must be followed:

切勿在传感器或车辆线束连接器上涂抹触点清洁剂或其他材料,这些材料会进入传感器,导致性能不良。 Do not apply contact cleaner or other materials on the sensor or vehicle harness connector. These materials will enter the sensor and cause poor performance.

不要损坏传感器的引线和线束,导致其内部导线外露,这样会提供异物进入传感器的通道并导致性能故障。 Do not damage the leads and wiring harness of the sensor, which will cause its internal wires to be exposed. This will provide a passage for foreign matter to enter the sensor and cause performance failure.

确保传感器或车辆引线没有较大的折弯或扭结,较大的折弯或扭结会堵塞通过引线的基准空气通道。 Ensure that there are no major bends or kinks in the sensor or vehicle leads. Large bends or kinks will block the reference air passage through the leads.

确保车辆线束连接器外围密封完好无损,以避免因进水而造成损坏。 Ensure that the periphery of the vehicle harness connector is intact to avoid damage caused by water ingress.

Caution on three-way catalytic converter damage

In order to prevent damage to the replaced three-way catalytic converter, the engine fire or mechanical failure should be ruled out before replacing the three-way catalytic converter.

Cautions on component fastener tightening

The part number of the replacement part must be correct. Parts that require the use of thread sealants, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors or sealants should be indicated in the maintenance procedure. Some replacement parts may already have these coatings, and unless otherwise specified, these coatings should not be used on parts. These coatings affect the final torque, which may affect the operation of the component. When installing components, use the correct torque specifications to avoid damage.

Cautions About Testing Probes

Carefully insert the probe of the test equipment (digital multimeter, etc.) into the connector or fuse box terminal. The diameter of the test probe will deform most terminals. Deformed terminals can cause poor contact, which can cause system failure. It is best to use the terminal test kit to probe the terminals from the front. Carefully use a paper clip or other substitute to probe the terminal.

Sensor operation attention and contraindications

应使用高阻抗数字式万用表或汽车专用万用表进行传感器测试。 Use a high-impedance digital multimeter or a car-specific multimeter for sensor testing.

禁止使用“划火法”检查晶体管电路的通、断状况。 ◆ It is forbidden to use the "swipe method" to check the on / off status of the transistor circuit.

小心地用普通试灯去测试任何与ECU相连接的电气装置,以防止晶体管损坏。 Use ordinary test lights to test any electrical devices connected to the ECU carefully to prevent transistor damage. The pulse circuit should be checked with LED lights or oscilloscope.

在拆卸或安装电感性传感器时,应将点火开关断开(OFF),以防止其自感电动势损伤ECU和产生新的故障。 When removing or installing the inductive sensor, the ignition switch should be turned OFF to prevent its self-inductive electromotive force from damaging the ECU and causing new failures.

在点火开关接通的情况下,不要进行断开任何电气设备的操作,以免电路中产生的感应电动势损坏电子元件。 When the ignition switch is on, do not disconnect any electrical equipment to avoid damage to the electronic components caused by the induced electromotive force generated in the circuit.

Notes on Jump Start

  When connecting jumpers, the operator should wear goggles. Because there may be explosive gas around the car battery when the jump start is started.

  Make sure that the parking brakes of both cars are applied and that the transmission gear is neutral or parking.

  When the two vehicles are bridged, the support vehicle is started, the idle speed is increased to 1200-1500r / min, and the vehicle runs steadily for more than 5 minutes to help start the faulty vehicle.

  If it is difficult to attempt a jump start, stop the jump start. If the support vehicle is forcibly used, its motor will be overloaded or the electronic system will be damaged by electric sparks.

  Make sure there is no contact between the two car bodies. Avoid the electric current flowing through the contact body to the support vehicle during the starting process.

  The start switch and all electrical accessories must be turned off before connecting the start cable.

  It is forbidden to use a voltage jumper over 16V to start. Excessive voltage will damage the electrical components of the car.

  Do not disconnect the connecting cable while the faulty car is starting, otherwise the electrical components on the support car may be damaged by high voltage breakdown.


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